What Do I Need to Apply?


Step 1: Register Now and Provide proof of benefits

Step 2: You will receive notification that you are either eligible or not eligible based the following criteria:   you must live in our service area, you or your children must receive Medicaid/SNAP, SSI/Disability, be in the Foster System, or receive Childcare and Parent Services

Step 3: You will receive an invitation to shop on our website and select a location to pick up your packages along with the date and time


Please see the below list of acceptable forms of proof of benefits.

Proof of Benefits MUST:

• Be uploaded as a PDF document. Log in to Gateway or contact a caseworker to obtain a PDF copy.
• Show CURRENT coverage
• Include the child’s name AND the parent/guardian’s name and those names must match the names submitted via the registration form.

Medicaid / SNAP

Notice of Eligibility Decision
(View Sample)

SSI/Disability Income

SSI Benefits Verification
(View Sample)

Foster Care

Placement letter from DFCS / approved agency
(View Sample)

Childcare and Parent Services

CAPS Certificate
(View Sample)


Distribution locations are selected by parents in the online shopping phase of the process. To avoid confusion on distribution day, please double check the location you have chosen before submitting.

Yes. You must be the custodian of the children.